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Podcasts are audio recordings that can be downloaded and listened to at home.  We have been creating podcasts in Drummore, listen and enjoy!

BBC Radio interview with Mrs Gorman, Alex, Shannon and Stephen about our orchard plans.


Ben Ten Radio...

Pupils from Class 6 interviewed pupils and staff in the school in order to create "Ben Ten Radio", which has lots of great information about our school.



Shark Stories...

By Aimee, Class 7: Websites/SchSenDrummore/UserFiles/file/Aimee%20shark.MP3

By Codi, Class 4: Websites/SchSenDrummore/UserFiles/file/Codi%20shark.MP3

By Courtney, Class 6: Websites/SchSenDrummore/UserFiles/file/Courtney%20shark.MP3

By David, Class 7: Websites/SchSenDrummore/UserFiles/file/David%20shark.MP3

By Lyndsey, Class 5: Websites/SchSenDrummore/UserFiles/file/Lyndsey%20shark.MP3

By Shamila, Class 5: Websites/SchSenDrummore/UserFiles/file/Shamila%20shark.MP3